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Landscaping Materials Charlotte, NC

Landmark Materials has been providing top-quality landscaping materials for clients in Charlotte, Monroe, Matthews, and other North Carolina areas. We are also the choice of local landscape contractors because of our huge inventory of landscape materials and supplies. With us as their partners, they can easily meet the needs and requirements of their clients.

Landscaping Materials Charlotte, NC

If you also need landscaping materials for your outdoor improvement project, please contact us at Landmark Materials. We offer premium grade top soil, mulches, boulders, natural stones, and other vital landscape supplies. We will also help you in the choosing process so getting the best materials for your project won't be a problem.

We Serve All Types of Clients

Our goal at Landmark Materials is to be the go-to landscape supplier in the Metropolitan Area. We serve DIY homeowners, property managers, subdivision developers, commercial property owners, and communities in Charlotte and nearby cities. For years, we have been helping landscapers, property owners, and other contractors in North Carolina complete their projects on time and even ahead of schedules.

Landscaping Materials Charlotte, NC

Our comprehensive product offering is one of the reasons why clients prefer us to be their primary source of landscaping materials. Our products are not only used for residential landscapes but also used for commercial landscaping, sports facilities, parks, residential communities, malls, and other public areas.

Reliable Landscape Material Supplier

We are the only landscape supplier in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas with huge inventory of landscaping materials. We understand that clients want reliable suppliers, so we make sure that our yard and showroom can cater to their demands and project requirements. In addition, our properly maintained fleet is always ready for material deliveries.

Place your orders now so we can arrange for the immediate delivery of your purchased landscaping materials. We also give discounts when you buy in bulk or you make us as your partner supplier. Call us for special rates and other terms.

Meanwhile, the materials and supplies that we offer include:

Landscaping Materials Charlotte, NC
  • Top soil. The health and proper growth of your plantings will be insured if the landscaped area has the right top soil. And here at Landmark Materials, we have the perfect product that can easily improve your landscape's soil condition. Our screened top soil is best used for lawns, flower beds, and other landscaped areas. We also have fill dirt that can be used for retaining walls and low-lying areas in the landscape.

  • Mulches. Our organic mulches will improve the beauty of your gardens and, at the same time, keep soil moisture. They also provide additional nutrients, so frequent fertilization is not needed. We offer different color variations to suit your preferences such as brown and red mulches. We also have pine, cedar, and cypress mulches.

Landscaping Materials Charlotte, NC
  • Natural stones. Our natural stones are best used for hardscape features around your landscape. They are great for walkways, garden steps, and outdoor living areas. You can choose flagstones, granite, travertine or stone pavers.

  • Landscape boulders. You can highlight the beauty and unique charm of rock gardens and water features with landscape boulders. Just tell us the specific feature that you want to build, and we will determine the volume and type of boulder to use.

Great Pricing, Prompt Deliveries

At Landmark Materials, we make sure that our landscaping materials are competitively priced. We even offer discount pricing for volume orders and repeat customers. So if you’re from Charlotte and nearby areas, call (704) 241-7780 now for fast delivery.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in NC:

  • Concord, NC
  • Indian Trail, NC
  • Unionville, NC
  • Wesley Chapel, NC
  • Harrisburg, NC